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Stacey Degrace

Stacey fell in love with art by watching her Dad draw and create. She won her first art contest in the 2nd grade. By 3rd grade she was gifted her first camera and photography stole her heart. It has been a learning curve ever since with a lot of happy accidents along the way. Stacey has been a registered veterinary technician for almost 30 years and loves looking into the eyes of animals. Animals remain her favorite subjects to photograph and paint. Her focus is always on the eyes as she tries to capture the spark of each being. She's won countless photo contest and Stacey's art has been published on the cover of the JAVMA medical journal with her "Great Pyrenees" in the September 15, 2016 issue. Her work can found in several local gift and coffee shops near her home in Independence, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, MO. If you are interested in any originals OR would like to request a specific style and size of the prints offered in this gallery please message her through her art Facebook page: Stacey DeGrace Simple Subtleties Art

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