Stacey Degrace

Furry faces warm the heart and that may be why artist and photographer Stacey DeGrace has centered much of her works around them. She has also been a veterinary technician for 30 years and we tend to gravitate to what we know. Her works capture that loving look of a pet to their inquisitive charm that any animal lover can relate. In addition, her photographic works have won many contests. Her Rainbow Bridge collection is just heart enveloping and a beautiful memorial to friends past. Her photography is a nod to Americana and are charming to rustic decor from rusted American pickup trucks in wavy fields to the detailed pattern found in the polka dot feathers of a Guinea fowl. She offers her fine art prints in an array of media from paper prints, framed paper prints, canvas and HD metal panels that allow a buyer to make any image fit a contemporary or rustic decor.

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