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Shreveport, LA

Peggy and Kate are two sisters who share a deep passion for all things garden, art, travel, and photography. Peggy, a graphic designer and photographer residing in Shreveport, Louisiana, complements Kate, a horticultural therapist and educator based in Portland, Oregon. Their bond goes beyond the typical sisterly connection, as they only discovered each other's existence two decades ago.

Despite being raised in separate households, Peggy near Philadelphia and Kate near Boston, the sisters have found striking similarities in their lives that prove the nature versus nurture debate. Sisters Too Studio stands out for this unique convergence, inviting viewers to join them on a photographic journey through their shared experiences in nature, gardens, and travels. Their story is compelling and full of intrigue.

The photos captured by Peggy and Kate reflect the beauty of their respective regions, emphasizing the importance of human connection with nature and the changing seasons. Their work is not just for aesthetic pleasure but also serves as a healing presence in spaces like homes and businesses. The images are available in large format prints, perfect for bringing a touch of nature into any environment.

For those looking to enhance their home or office decor with stunning photography that captures the essence of nature, Peggy and Kate's prints are the perfect choice. Embrace the beauty of their work and bring a piece of their shared passion into your daily life.

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