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Victor "Top" Watson

I retired from public service in 2012 with 35 years of photography experience gained from a mix of local, state, military and federal law enforcement. My last 10 years of service was at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as a Senior Instructor and Program Specialist for the Department of Homeland Security. During my last three years of service I oversaw the basic and advanced law enforcement photography programs at the center and provided countless numbers of export training photography classes across the United States to Federal, State and Local law enforcement. I started teaching at Schertz Photography School & Studio in 2013 and have converted some of the classes that I used to teach to law enforcement students for my non law enforcement students now; such as “Macro Photography” from one of my forensic classes or “Panorama Photography” from one of my crime scene classes just to name a couple. Photography for me is like a form of therapy helping me create new pleasant memories to replace the not so pleasant ones from 35 years of law enforcement. There was a time when I used Lightroom and Photoshop, but now my work is straight out of camera.


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