Samael ®.

Samael Fine Arts
Kristiansand, Norway

Born in Norway in 1978, Samael is a creative individual known for his dark and macabre artwork, as well as his forays into fantasy and magical reality. His soulless art often elicits feelings of unease and discomfort, with some viewers even leaving exhibitions in tears.

Samael's works can be seen in galleries around the world, from Europe to the Middle East. Keep an eye out for his pieces next time you visit a gallery, as they are sure to leave a lasting impression. This page offers non-numbered and non-limited versions of select prints not available elsewhere, making them perfect for beginning collectors.

Working primarily at night, Samael effortlessly conjures up morbid and unsettling imagery. His art often features grotesque elements, occasionally juxtaposed with moments of pure cuteness to surprise and unsettle the viewer. If you are a fan of the dark, macabre, or taboo, Samael's work may be just what you are looking for.

For those who appreciate art that challenges societal norms and sparks conversation, Samael's pieces are sure to be a bold addition to any collection. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase these unique and thought-provoking prints for your home or office decor.

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