Susan Frech-Sims

An artist based in NW Oklahoma, they earned a BFA from OSU before opening their own working studio and gallery in 2013 to pursue painting full-time. Their talent has garnered recognition, including placing 3rd in The International Artist's Magazine landscape division and becoming a finalist in The Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition. Additionally, their pet portrait was featured in The Strokes of Genius 8th Ed. hardback book. Despite their success, they realized in 2018 that most of their art was commissioned and therefore ineligible for competitions requiring the artist to have taken the reference photo. This led them to develop their own design line, focusing on faerie art inspired by their love of fairytales and fantasy.

Currently, their concentration lies in creating enchanting Will-o-the-Wisp paintings that come to life in the night. Their passion for intricate details and florals shines through in their work, allowing them to blend their artistic interests seamlessly. While they continue to paint commissions and original pieces, such as glazed oil floral paintings, they are excited to embark on this new adventure in faerie art. They hope that viewers will find something captivating in their faeries, akin to the allure of the Will-o'-the-Wisps that beckon in fairy tales.

For those looking to add a touch of magic to their home or office decor, they invite you to explore their collection of prints. With a unique blend of fantasy and artistry, their faerie paintings offer a glimpse into a world where imagination knows no bounds. Join them on this exciting journey as they bring their enchanting creations to life through their art.

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