Susan Frech-Sims
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Susan Frech-Sims

I am an artist in NW Oklahoma. I attended OSU and graduated with a BFA. In 2013 I opened up my working studio and gallery to paint full time. I have since placed 3rd in The International Artist's Magazine, landscape division. Made it in as a finalist in The Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition for a landscape. I have a page in The Strokes of Genius 8th Ed. hardback book for one of my pet portraits. Just to name a few. I am so blessed that I get to paint everyday. I realized in 2018 that most of the art I was doing was commissioned art and going right out the door. Since most competitions require the artist to have taken the reference photo I can't even submit to them. I decided I was going to have to have my own design line. I have always loved fairies, fairytales, and fantasy, and so I decided to create my own Faerie art. Mostly right now I am concentrating on what are known as Will-o-the-Wisps and they appear at night. I love painting details and florals as well so I can keep doing what I am passionate about while having a more marketable art line. It has honed my skills though and I have enjoyed doing them, but need to do my own thing too! I hope people will see in my faeries something that appeals to them, calls to them, just like the Will-o'-the-Wisps in the tales beckoned people to follow them wherever they may lead them. Follow me on this new and exciting adventure!

I will continue to be painting commissions as well as other original art pieces like my glazed oil floral paintings (be watching for more of these!). Check out my other collection of animals.

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