Christy Tremblay

Christy Tremblay Art
Harker Heights, TX

She has always been passionate about art. From a young age, she was determined to learn more about the craft and started taking classes and workshops to further develop her skills. She eventually developed a style of her own and is now a mixed media artist. She specializes in the design of original artworks for indoor spaces, which she creates on canvas, paper, wood, tiles, and more.

My has also had a long-term relationship with teaching. She holds a degree in Elementary Education, and while teaching, she also sells her art. She has been able to move around the world due to her husband's military career, which has provided her with a wealth of inspiration.

Her artist statement further explains her creative process. She is inspired by nature, cities, travel, and landscape, and loves the challenge of discovering what her pieces will become. She starts her pieces with an underlayment of color and adds layers of paint, pastel, chalk, and other media to achieve the desired effect. Her work expresses her deep love of local environments and Asian landscapes, as well as questions about the nature of place.

My's art is an expression of the feelings of wonder and mystery of each place she visits. Her pieces don't intentionally depict particular scenes, but they ask questions and create a unique atmosphere. Bring her work into your home and office with her prints.

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