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Christy Tremblay

Christy Tremblay Art
Harker Heights, TX

Art has always been a part of me. “I can’t remember not wanting to do art. Over the years, I have taken classes and workshops to expand my talents and experimented with many different mediums. Each phase of my journey has lended form to a style all my own. I am a mixed media artist. I specialize in the design of original works of art for indoor spaces. I paint on canvas, paper, wood, tiles and more! I enjoy working with collectors to create custom pieces of art

My degree is in Elementary Education and art was always a passion. I started selling my art when my oldest daughter was born. I took art classes along the way and developed my style. I am a military spouse and each duty station we live, I am inspired by the environment and cultural aspects, and that inspires my art. I love that I can find new painting inspiration, while moving around the world and meeting new art collectors.

My (formal) Artist Statement

I am a mixed media artist

I am passionate about nature, cities, travel, and landscape.

Colors, line and shape inspire me.

Vibrant or subtle, the textures, layers and movement of the city and the natural environment provide sources for my artwork.

I started making art as a child, constantly getting into paint and experimenting with any new materials I could get my hands on.

In a sense my current art is a continuation of my early exploratory spontaneous process.

My work begins with an underlayment of color and evolves through many layers of paint, pastel, chalk, and other media.

Each piece has its own unique process; it grows and changes as each layer achieves its final stage.

I enjoy the mystery of discovering what the piece will become.

A Northwest native, I have taught in Korea and visited cities, rural areas and islands in Southeast Asia.

While my work expresses a deep love of our local environment and of the beauty of Asian landscapes, it also asks questions about the nature of place.

I am often instinctively drawn to dividing a composition in two, so the piece seems to shift focus between inward and outward experience.

My work does not intentionally depict particular scenes but instead expresses questions:

What is the experience of place?

How do our experiences of individual places overlap?

How do we feel as a particular city or any city surrounds us?

What is the difference between a gentle rain felt in Bangkok or in Seattle?

How is breathing the air and experiencing the color and texture of a Northwest forest the same as being in a giant bamboo grove? Intimate environments built of color, dimension and texture; my work expresses subtle memories,

feelings of wonder and mystery,

and unanswerable questions about emotion and experience of place.
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