Christy Tremblay

Christy Tremblay Art
Harker Heights, TX

My art has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. From taking classes and workshops to expanding my abilities, I have developed my own style of mixed media art. My art is designed for indoor spaces and I paint on canvas, paper, wood, tiles and more. My degree is in Elementary Education, and since the birth of my oldest daughter, I have been selling my art. I find inspiration from new places and new people, and enjoy working with collectors to create custom pieces.

My artwork focuses on nature, cities, travel, and landscape, and I am inspired by colors, lines, and shapes. As a Northwest native, I have taught in Korea and traveled to many cities, rural areas, and islands throughout Southeast Asia. My art expresses a deep love of our local environment and of the beauty of Asian landscapes, while also asking questions about the nature of place. I divide my compositions in two, to capture both inward and outward experience in my work.

My art does not depict particular scenes, but instead expresses questions about emotion and experience of place. I enjoy the mystery of discovering what the piece will become, and I use many layers of paint, pastels, chalk, and other media to achieve a unique process for each work. I invite you to explore my artwork, and purchase prints for home and office decor.

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