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Samuel P. Phillips

Hello, my name is Samuel, I am a digital composition artist based out of Carthage, North Carolina and Monroe, Louisiana. My work explores the subjective nature within earth’s landscape, and the created reality of spiritual perception.

I believe within all of us there lies a God-given ability to express the wonders of creation through the arts. As we engage in the created flow of God, we become extensions of expression to convey to others a message of creation. which ministers God’s love, the love we are to have for one another, and the intricate and grandeur expressions of earth. I love the many visual expressions within my Earth encounters which reveal its Creator.

After retirement, I have become more focus on my love and for the arts, which usually are accompany by inspirational verse. I marvel sometimes at what the Creator reveals to me, that I tend to ask Him, how did He do it and am I really seeing this? I have seen the subtle intricacies of God’s designs, in flowering plants, frost crystal formation in the winter mornings, and marvel at the details revealed. There are also aerial views of earth’s surfaces from a few feet to a mile or so away which exposes hidden treasures. With God, I do not stand on a platform of religion, but one of love, honor, and respect toward Him and His friends I meet, for God knows who He is. And with His help I can better understand self and purpose.


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