Samuel P. Phillips

Samuel, a digital composition artist based out of Carthage, North Carolina, explores the subjective nature of earth's landscape and the created reality of spiritual perception through his work. He believes that within each of us lies a God-given ability to express the wonders of creation through the arts. Through engaging in the created flow of God, we can convey a message of His love to one another. After retirement, Samuel has devoted himself to his passion of the arts, which he often accompanies with inspirational verse. His photography captures the intricate details of creation, from the subtle intricacies of flowering plants to the grandeur of aerial views of earth's surfaces. Samuel stands on a platform of love, honor, and respect for God and His friends. With His help, he is able to better understand himself and his purpose.

Samuel's photography is perfect for adding beauty and meaning to any home or office. Buy his prints to experience the wonders of God's creation.

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