Samuel P. Phillips

Samuel, a digital composition artist hailing from Carthage, North Carolina, delves into the subjective nature of earth's landscapes and the spiritual perception of created reality through his work. He believes that each individual possesses a God-given ability to express the wonders of creation through the arts, serving as conduits for conveying messages of love, beauty, and the intricate expressions of the Earth's grandeur. His artistry is a reflection of the Creator's handiwork, with a focus on visual expressions that reveal the divine essence behind all things.

Since retiring, Samuel has devoted himself to his passion for the arts, often accompanied by inspirational verses that are inspired by the Creator's revelations. He finds himself marveling at the intricate details of God's designs, whether it be in the delicate formations of flowering plants or the hidden treasures exposed in aerial views of the Earth's surfaces. His relationship with God is not based on religion but on love, honor, and respect, allowing him to better understand himself and his purpose in the world.

Samuel invites you to bring a piece of his photography into your home or office decor, allowing the beauty and spiritual depth of his creations to inspire and uplift your space. With each print, you not only bring a touch of artistry into your surroundings but also a reminder of the wonders of creation and the love that permeates through all things. Experience the magic of Samuel's work and let it resonate with your soul.

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