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Darrell Lynn Mccoy


Darrell L McCoy is a seasoned veteran and an academic, holding a Doctor of Education degree. Starting out as a hobbyist photographer, McCoy eventually transitioned to etching in 2015, acrylic in 2018 and finally oil painting in 2020. Still considered a novice, his goal is to be viewed as a successful artist by his 60th birthday in 2028.

McCoy and his wife, Joy, have been married for 20 years and have two sons; Ezekiel, an aspiring artist, and Malachi, who enjoys strategy games based on history. On the civilian side, McCoy is a Senior Training and Development Specialist, while in the military he has served in the Army Reserve, Texas Army National Guard, and the US Marines.

McCoy's original paintings are typically given as gifts, each featuring his signature and date of creation. He is looking to share his art with the world, and encourages everyone to purchase his prints for home and office decor.

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