Darrell McCoy

Darrell Lynn Mccoy


Old Soldier and Academic (Command Sergeant Major & Doctor of Education), Aspiring Artist. Started photography as a hobby eventually turning to etching in 2015 then transitioned to acrylic in 2018 and finally oil painting in 2020. I am still very much a novice and at age 55, my goal is to be viewed as a successful artist by the time I am 60 in 2028. After decades of doing crazy young person stuff, I am happily embedded in my garage painting and enjoying life with my family.

Family: Joy and I have been married for 20 years, (circa 2002) and have remained together through the good and bad, working together in our journey of life. God and my family are the reasons i can view myself as successful. We have two sons, Ezekiel, an aspiring and amazing artist in his own right, and Malachi, who enjoys strategy games based on history, dabbles in art.

Civilian Work: Senior Training and Development Specialist: 2007-Present

Military Work: Army Reserve 2007 to Present

Texas Army National Guard 2005 to 2007

US Marines 1995 to 2005

Army Reserve 1985 to 1995

Education: Doctor of Education 2019

Master of Science Higher Education Administration 2016

Master of Art International Security Studies 2014

Bachelor Business Administration Homeland Security 2010

Associate Degree Intelligence Studies 2008

For more details visit me on Linkedin. Thanks.


Most original paintings are typically gifts with my signature and date of creation.

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