Darrell Lynn Mccoy


Darrell McCoy, an old soldier and academic with a background as a Command Sergeant Major and Doctor of Education, is an aspiring artist. His artistic journey began with photography as a hobby, which eventually led him to explore etching in 2015. By 2018, he had transitioned to acrylics, and in 2020 he began experimenting with oil painting. Despite considering himself a novice, Darrell, now 55, has set a goal to be recognized as a successful artist by the time he turns 60 in 2028. Embracing a new chapter in his life, he finds solace in his garage, immersed in painting and enjoying time with his family.

Family plays a significant role in Darrell's life, with his wife, Joy, by his side for the past 20 years. Together, they have weathered life's ups and downs, finding success and fulfillment through their bond and faith. Darrell and Joy have two sons, Ezekiel, a talented artist in his own right, and Malachi, who shares his father's passion for history and art. Their family dynamic provides Darrell with unwavering support and inspiration as he navigates his artistic journey.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Darrell has a successful career as a Senior Training and Development Specialist. His military background includes service in the Army Reserve, Texas Army National Guard, US Marines, and Army Reserve, spanning over three decades. Darrell's commitment to education is evident in his impressive academic achievements, culminating in a Doctor of Education degree in 2019. His diverse educational background has equipped him with a unique perspective that informs his artistic endeavors.

Darrell's original paintings, often given as gifts, bear his signature and the date of creation. These unique pieces of art are a reflection of his dedication and passion for his craft. For those interested in adding a touch of Darrell's art to their home or office decor, prints of his work are available for purchase. Embrace the beauty and depth of Darrell McCoy's artwork, a testament to his journey as an artist and his dedication to his craft.

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