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Sisters Too Studio

Sisters Too Studio

Our story is about two sisters who share a love of all things garden, art, travel and photography. We are Peggy, who lives in Shreveport, Louisiana and Kate, who lives in Portland, Oregon. The usual tale of two sisters who are very much alike in the normal way that sisters can be. Except that neither of us knew of the other’s existence until 20 years ago.

For reasons that are lost to the mists of time, but we know were done with much love and the best intent, Kate was given up for adoption at birth and was raised near Boston in a wonderful family. Peggy was raised near Philadelphia, also in a wonderful family, along with our third sister, Susan.

We have spent the last decades proving that nature vs nurture is a reality. It is uncanny the correlations between our lives, and we think this is what makes Sisters Too Studio unique. We invite you to join us on our photographic journey through our walks, our gardens and our travels. We have an interesting story to share with you.

Kate & Peggy

Please contact us if you would prefer to order a different size or option that we do not have listed in our gallery. We are happy to assist you.


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