Shylo Silvenar

Shylo Silvenar is a transdisciplinary artist and designer living in Lexington, Kentucky. She captures the beauty of the imperfect and impermanent. Her works feature textures, lines, elements, and compositions of “reality” that have been left to evolve as nature changes over time. She dives into memories, dreams, and the subconscious to reveal the nature of people, combining photography, 3D, interactive media, and performance. Her works evoke the vignettes of dreams, portraying ephemeral moments alive with potential for interpretation and personal exploration.

Shylo Silvenar's photography captures the beauty of reality and imagination, creating a portal for the mind. She combines disparate elements to create a unique view of the world, one that is both familiar and dreamlike. Whether the viewer is captivated by the accidental, the used, the overgrown, or the thoughtless, her works evoke a sense of nostalgia and potential.

With her photography, Shylo Silvenar is able to portray her unique view of the world that all can appreciate. Bring her works home or to the office with prints of her photography. Whether it's for decorative purposes or to evoke a sense of nostalgia, her prints are sure to make a statement.

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