Shylo Silvenar

Shylo Silvenar is a transdisciplinary artist and designer living in Lexington, Kentucky. Drawing on her desire to explore the nature of the world, Silvenar creates striking works that capture moments of reality, beauty and imperfection. Her unique approach combines photography, 3D, interactive media, and performance, often evoking the ephemeral moments of dreams.

Silvenar captures the changing nature of the world and the passage of time, finding beauty in the accidental, the used, the overgrown, and the thoughtless. She explores memories, dreams, and the subconscious as a means to reveal the nature of people and their environment. Her works are alive with potential for interpretation and personal exploration.

Silvenar's photographs are captivating and thought provoking, making them perfect for home and office decor. Whether hung in a living room or hallway, her prints will add a unique and meaningful touch to any space. Purchase Shylo Silvenar's prints today and bring her captivating works of art into your life.

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