Shylo Silvenar

Shylo Silvenar is an artist and designer based in Lexington, Kentucky. She is passionate about exploring the nature of the world through her photography, 3D, interactive media, and performance art. Her works evoke dream-like vignettes that capture reality and find beauty in the imperfect and impermanent. Silvenar dives into memories, dreams, and the subconscious to portray ephemeral moments that can be interpreted in many ways.

From the used and overgrown to the accidental and thoughtless, Silvenar highlights the way nature changes everything through the passing of time, exposure to the elements, the actions of humans, the growth of flora, and the adaptation of fauna. Her works offer a portal for the mind and a unique opportunity for personal exploration.

Silvenar's art is perfect for home and office decor. By purchasing her prints, you can bring her captivating vignettes into your life and explore the concepts of reality, imagination, and intuition.

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