Sarah Grace Kotzamani

Sarah Kotzamani
Berkeley, CA

The sculptor is passionate about getting hands-on with their work, whether it's in 3D sculptures or 2D pieces. Their process involves building up layers of various mediums like colored pencils, wax crayons, pastels, and paints, adding and subtracting until the piece feels just right. Working intuitively and in series, they explore themes until they feel satisfied, following a spiritual connection that guides their hands and materials.

With a mother who was a Greek sculptor and a father who was a poet from Muskogee, the artist has a diverse background that influences their work. They split their time between Greece and California, where they earned degrees in ceramic sculpture and metal sculpture, along with a focus on drawing and painting. Their work often centers around the human body, exploring the spiritual experience of physical reality.

Occasionally delving into abstract pieces, the artist's work is a reflection of their fascination with the human form and the soul's journey in our bodies. Some of their pieces are signed as "Sarka Zi," meaning Flesh Lives in Greek, to convey their deep connection to the physical and spiritual aspects of our existence. For those looking to add a touch of soulful art to their home or office decor, prints of their work are available for purchase.

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