Sarah Grace Kotzamani

Sarah Kotzamani
Berkeley, CA

As an established sculptor, Sarka Zi is no stranger to getting their hands dirty. With a penchant for layers, Sarka Zi approaches both 2D and 3D artwork with the same finesse, utilizing coloured pencils, wax crayons, pastels, paints, and ink to create their signature layers. Following an intuitive process, Sarka Zi works in series, exploring themes until they have reached a satisfactory point. It is this ineffable impulse that drives the artist to the next color, line, or gouge.

The product of a Greek sculptor mother and an Okie poet father, Sarka Zi straddles both worlds, spending time in both Greece and California. With a BA in Ceramic Sculpture from California College of Arts and Crafts and an MFA in Spatial Arts from San Jose State, Sarka Zi has developed a craft that is rarely completely abstract. The artist’s admiration for the human body and its connection to the spiritual plane is evident in the works signed as “Sarka Zi”, the Greek translation for “Flesh Lives”.

Bringing the spirit of Sarka Zi’s work into your home or office has never been easier. With prints available, you can now decorate your walls with the artist’s unique take on the physical and spiritual connection of the human form. Shop Sarka Zi’s prints now!

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