J. L. Thomason

Oakmont Place Prints
Angel Fire, NM

Oakmont Place Prints provides natural and surreal art prints for both the cosmopolitan and independent eye. The informing ethos is ZoeNoeTek: Life + Mind + Art. Oakmont Place Prints mints works founded in NI (Natural Intelligence); a distinction from the processes of AI is by design. Photographs of nature present the down-to-earth and mysterious joy of the world. Double and multiple exposures of photographs and images enhance point of view. Legacy drawings throughout the inventory refine the aesthetic. The works open portals to the realms beyond from the Southern Rockies of the American Southwest to the Cosmos.

Mission: The prints are intended to spark one’s imagination to facilitate enriching integration of transcendental and experiential possibilities. These works tender owners the opportunity to project value and aesthetic sovereignty. Images of nature and the novel view whether arrived at by travel or stillness are featured with the intent of accompanying the viewer into a world of serenity and creativity. They explore a visual language at the edge of the spoken and written. A visual language that can be shared and appreciated by the recognition of an inherent value. The commitment to NI recognizes that there is something unique and worthwhile in human choices even as these choices in our dynamic world-space are ever increasing. The acorn of the imagination is ever alive and growing though the life tree of our being as we find the spaces that inspire, nurture, and support this aliveness.

Prints may be aesthetically framed by Geo Galleries to enhance and emphasize the presentation. Open a view to the World. All images © J. L. Thomason, 2024.

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