Nancy E. Polo

This artist has been expressing herself through painting for over two decades. Working mainly with watercolors, acrylics and oils, she has an eye for capturing the inner character of people and creating multi-layered, complex ideas. She calls this style social surrealism, as she believes art is a way of dealing with life.

In addition to being an artist, she is also a cook and mother living on an animal farm in Berryville, VA. During the day, she manages a farm business and kitchen, producing delicious food from local farms, as well as the farm’s own meats and eggs.

The artist's work is available to view in a small gallery attached to La Capretta Studio. A surrounding garden full of herbs is a reminder of her kitchen. For those who cannot visit the farm, photos of her work can be found online.

The artist's photographs are a perfect way to spruce up any home or office. From portraits to landscapes and abstracts, her pieces show off her passion for art and creativity. Purchase prints of her work today and add a personal touch to your home.

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