Nancy Lake

Nancy's journey as an artist began with her studies at the University of Illinois and the Maryland Institute of Art, where she honed her skills in watercolor painting. Along the way, she had the privilege of learning from various well-known watercolor artists, further shaping her artistic style. However, her passion for painting took a backseat when she fell in love with alpacas. For over two decades, Nancy dedicated her time to raising, breeding, showing, buying, and selling these gentle creatures, first with Alpine Alpacas in Colorado and later with Gray Alpaca Company in Maryland.

After retiring from her alpaca endeavors, Nancy has returned to her true love of painting on a full-time basis. Despite her shift back to art, alpacas still hold a special place in her heart, often making subtle appearances in her paintings. Whether they are grazing in a field or captured in a head profile, these tiny alpacas add a touch of whimsy to Nancy's work. Her artistic style has evolved over the years from realistic to free, atmospheric, and emotion-packed, with occasional forays into abstract art.

Nancy's diverse range of styles ensures that there is something for everyone to appreciate in her pieces. She sees herself as a perpetual work in progress, constantly striving to push the boundaries of her creativity. One of her guiding principles comes from Gandhi: "Live like you will die tomorrow; learn like you will live forever." For those looking to add a touch of Nancy's unique style to their home or office decor, her prints are a perfect choice.

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