Linda Hammes

A relatively new artist, Linda began her journey into acrylic painting after health issues led to an early retirement in March 2020. Having spent her working life in the business world, she turned to art as a form of therapy and self-expression. A long-time resident of the Madison, WI area, Linda is a mother to two grown sons.

With ample time on her hands and the world in turmoil, Linda decided to experiment with acrylic painting. Delving into abstract art and allowing her creativity to flow, she found joy in blending colors, shapes, and textures to create visually captivating pieces. Her improvisational style often features bright colors and intense saturation, reflecting her inner spirit and passion for vibrant art.

Linda's gallery showcases a variety of finished pieces, each carefully chosen with frames, mats, sizes, and materials to offer a range of options for viewers. Additionally, she offers custom pieces tailored to individual preferences, providing a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to collaborate with her in creating personalized artworks. For inquiries or feedback on her work, Linda welcomes correspondence via email.

For those interested in adding a touch of Linda's artistic flair to their home or office decor, her prints are available for purchase. Whether drawn to her abstract paintings or photography pieces, there is something for everyone to appreciate in Linda's collection. Visit her gallery to explore the diverse selection of prints and bring a piece of Moxie Spirit Artistry into your space.

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