Deborah Nyman

Deborah Nyman
Harleysville, PA

After graduating with a degree in Art Education, the artist found themselves immersed in the world of corporate advertising departments for much of their career. However, they have since redirected their focus towards their passion for photography and web design. Drawing inspiration from their love of gardening, many of their floral subjects are captured right from their own garden. The artist believes that while the beauty of flowers may fade quickly in nature, through the lens of a camera, their essence can be preserved forever. They enjoy not only capturing the natural beauty of flowers but also transforming them into digital artwork using various software programs.

In their recent artistic endeavors, the artist has delved into creating digital compositions by combining multiple images to form a new and unique piece of artwork. Influenced by the works of Swedish artist Erik Johansson and projects by Adobe Creative, these digital creations require careful selection and blending of several separate images. The end result is a visually captivating piece where the individual components are seamlessly integrated, making it challenging to distinguish the original images. Rather than starting with a specific concept in mind, the artist focuses on identifying images that can harmoniously come together to create a fresh and innovative composition.

For those looking to add a touch of beauty and creativity to their home or office decor, the artist's prints offer a unique and aesthetically pleasing option. Whether you are drawn to the natural elegance of floral photography or the captivating allure of digital compositions, these prints are sure to make a striking statement in any space. Embrace the timeless beauty of flowers and the innovative artistry of digital creations by bringing a piece of this artist's work into your surroundings.

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