Merri Lewis

Arts & Blessings
Gorham, ME

Merri has a passion for creating art that goes beyond the canvas. From the tiny rivers of watercolor to the rocky terrain of acrylics, Merri enjoys exploring the various mediums of art and bringing life to the page. It was this creative spark and her unique way of thinking that led Merri to work with children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Merri further honed her creative skills through her blog about raising children with autism and later, her art. After discovering the beauty of painting on the pages of a bible, Merri found a new outlet for expressing herself. She followed several artists and soaked in all the art teachings she could in order to continue learning.

Merri’s work is reflective of her home in Southern Maine, taking inspiration from nature, music, children, and the interesting people in life. She can often be found playing with toddlers in the nursery at her church, walking her Maltipoo, Boomer, exploring the woods nearby or sitting at her tiny desk that serves as her art studio.

Bring a piece of Merri's creative vision to your home and office with Merri's prints. Her art will inspire you and bring life to any room.

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