Leanne Reitano

Leanne Reitano Gallery
Hoschton, GA

Artist Leanne Reitano has always had a deep appreciation for whimsical art, finding joy in its playful nature that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Residing in Georgia, she has a passion for horses, spending quality time with family, and immersing herself in the great outdoors. Over the years, the artist has created art for loved ones and has successfully sold a number of paintings.

From a young age, Leanne has had a love for art that was ignited by spending time with her grandfather, sketching characters from the Sunday paper comics and even creating new characters of her own. With a background in the medical field and a career in the military, which led her to live in various parts of the United States, Leanne has settled in Georgia to be closer to family. Now retired, she has made art a central focus in her life, finding immense joy in creating.

With a newfound dedication to her artistic pursuits, Leanne invites you to bring the whimsy of her creations (originally done as watercolor paintings) into your home or office space. Her unique and playful works are sure to brighten any environment, adding a touch of charm to your surroundings. Don't miss the opportunity to purchase prints of her work and infuse your space with a sense of joy and creativity.

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