Kristin Snodgrass

The beauty of a painting is its ability to transport to another time, another place.

Whether focusing on a subject or painting from imagination, Kristin often feels like she visits another world with her brushes.

When the paint dries, her wish is for the finished painting to be the start of another’s journey. Her hope is for the viewer to be transported to a special place due to an evoked memory or feeling. Maybe it is familiar or perhaps something intangible and unknown, yet very real for that individual. Ultimately, it is the painting itself that interacts with both the artist and the viewer. For this reason, most of Kristin’s paintings land somewhere between realism and the abstract. A bit like those fleeting images that slide away while awakening from a dream.

Kristin’s paintings are watercolor, although occasionally a touch of ink or other mixed media is also used to achieve a certain effect.

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