Karol Livote

Karol Livote
Shelton, CT

Karol Livote is a photographer in Connecticut, USA, inspired by the world around her. Her motto is to capture moments in time that she hopes can touch another's soul in the same way it has touched hers. Karol's journey with photography began when she was ten years old, when her sister gave her her first camera. She was immediately drawn to capturing the beauty of the world around her, from abandoned buildings to boats and people.

In high school, Karol joined photography classes and set up her own darkroom. Her primary interest was in capturing the essence of a person through her lenses. Even after high school, she continued to pursue photography, but it was not until she moved to Connecticut that Karol found her passion for capturing the local wildlife and exploring the nutmeg state.

Today, Karol is actively promoting her work through publications and sales. She is drawn to nature, but also finds a great interest in creating more artistic images using digital software. Her work is constantly evolving, and she is excited to see what each new day brings. Karol invites you to explore her photos and prints, and to find the perfect piece to decorate your home or office.

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