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Karol Livote

Karol Livote
Shelton, CT

Inspired by the world around me, I am sent out to capture moments in time, that I hope can find another's soul, the way it has captured mine! That is Karol Livote's motto!

Karol's story is quite simple: When she was about ten years old, her sister gave her the first camera she would ever use. She took right to photography and could be found capturing burned out buildings, old boats and whatever else she could find.

In her high school days, she was hardly seen without a camera in her hand. She participated in photography classes and had her own home darkroom. At that time, most of Karol's work consisted of capturing the essence of a person.

After high school, life took her in another direction, but she continued her photography on the side. It wasn't until she moved to Connecticut, that she found herself spending more time observing and photographing the local wildlife and exploring the nutmeg state. Since then, she has not turned back. Karol has been promoting her images thru publications and sales.

Her greatest love is nature and all is has to offer, however, there are times she will focus on other subjects, as well. Karol has also found an interest with taking her photography and creating a more artistic image by using digital software. The world is unlimited these days and with each new day comes new things to see and new things to create.

Karol hopes you enjoy her work as much as she does creating it.

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