John Wider

Edgewater, MD

John Wider, a talented artist based in Edgewater, Maryland, has a deep passion for painting. With six years of experience under his belt, he has honed his skills and developed a unique style that sets him apart in the world of watercolor painting. His daily practice and experimentation with various techniques have allowed him to truly understand how paint behaves on paper, giving it a voice of its own.

Having participated in juried art shows and sold paintings both in shows and through commissioned assignments, John has proven himself to be a skilled and sought-after artist. His selection of subjects is diverse, ranging from traditional to more unconventional choices. His painting style, while rooted in watercolor, is known for its strength and boldness, a departure from the typically loose approach associated with the medium.

For those interested in acquiring John's work, both originals and prints are available for purchase. Whether you're looking to add a unique piece of art to your home or office decor, his vibrant and expressive paintings are sure to make a statement. Don't miss the opportunity to bring a touch of John Wider's creativity into your space.

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