Janice I. Shima

Jan Shima's artwork captures the wild beauty of National Parks and the lush tropical landscapes of Hawaii. Using rich, vibrant colors, she brings to life the grandeur of the parks and the diverse wildlife of Hawaii. Birds, in particular, fascinate and inspire her with their unique personalities, colors, and flight patterns, which she translates into her paintings with a sense of intimacy and mystery. Her works also reflect a deep concern for preserving endangered species, showcasing her dedication to environmental conservation.

In addition to her visual art, Jan is a talented musician, songwriter, and recording artist. Her album "Light to Soar" features original songs in a Jazz/World style inspired by her hiking trips in the National Parks. She often incorporates her photography of nature in the parks into her album covers and art prints, capturing the essence of these natural landscapes. One of her singles, "TreeTalk," was inspired by the conversations she heard between trees and animals in Yosemite and Sequoia National Park, demonstrating her deep connection to nature.

Jan's artwork and designs have been commissioned by various fine hotels and can be found in National Park resorts, galleries, and private collections across the U.S.A. and Japan. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan and a Master's Certificate in Writing & Producing from Berklee College of Music, she brings a unique artistic perspective to her creations. To bring a touch of wild wonder and tropical beauty into your home or office decor, consider purchasing prints of Jan Shima's stunning artwork.

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