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Port Townsend, WA

As an artist, I find that the expression of my lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest is brought through in my extension of brush to canvas. Because of my desire to live my life in such a natural setting, I have found that this brings about the strength, balanced with a warm sense of fluidity, for the basis of my paintings. Yet I find that one should not live, or paint, one's life in a bubble.

All artwork shows the artist's vulnerability, and I am no exception to this human frailty. The challenge for me is how to use these areas of doubt as a stepping stone for my future work. This is where I will break from my comfort zone of sylvan settings and seascapes, and will dip into painting a still life, such as a vase with irises resting on an old, furrowed wooden table. I find this to be deeply refreshing and rewarding, as it allows me to use the intersection of light and shadow in differing themes.

There is no greater joy than ending a day with a good painting session. My art is an expression of my inner self, an outward interpretation of my inner world and perception of the outer world. I am an artist because I need to be one. Different mediums allow me to express different ideas, feelings and emotions.

My background

I was born and raised in Ohio, got married and have lived in nine different states. I became a Registered nurse and worked as an emergency room and critical care nurse along the way. Painting is something I have always done alongside the conventional day job of nursing.The retirement lifestyle we now live gives me more time to be creative and market my art.I am largely self taught and don’t alway. There are life lessons that I have carried over from my nursing career into my artist world. Patience, healing, centering, and learning to accept that timing is everything.


I am fortunate to have a beautiful studio that was built by my partner in life. We live on 5 acres, a bounty of gardens, a dog, a cat… Or two. I love gardening and home canning. I am addicted to home canning just about anything that will go in a jar! I also love to forage for mushrooms, and make wine. I volunteer to “glean fruit” at various locations during the summer and fall. The fruit is donated to the needy, schools, nursing homes, food pantries, and my kitchen of course. I have a true love of hiking, kayaking, SUP, you name it as long as I can be outside. I am a true sagittarius, all over the place, and have been known to act like a squirrel and forget to wear a filter at times while speaking.

~Janice Pastor

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