M.D. Thornton

Iontas Images
Fresno, CA

Thank you for taking the time to explore the photography captured by a talented individual based in California's Central Valley. Coming from a lineage of photographers, this individual has been honing their craft for as long as they can remember. With a passion for traveling to visit family nationwide, they seize the opportunity to capture moments through their lens. Balancing the roles of wife and mother of two, they also dedicate their time as a devoted volunteer with the Boy Scouts Of America, allowing them to immerse themselves in nature. Their favorite subjects to photograph include landscapes, macro shots, street scenes, and candid moments. Striving to uphold the "Leave No Trace" principles, they ensure to leave every location they visit better than they found it. If you come across a photo on their social media pages that you would like to purchase, simply reach out to them and they will gladly create a listing for you to acquire the print.

Transform your home or office decor with stunning prints that showcase the beauty and artistry of this photographer's work. Each photo tells a unique story and captures a moment in time that is sure to resonate with viewers. By bringing a piece of their photography into your space, you can immerse yourself in the landscapes, details, and candid moments that have been expertly captured through their lens. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of this photographer's collection and add a touch of creativity and beauty to your surroundings. Purchase a print today and let their photography elevate the aesthetic of your living or working space.

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