M.D. Thornton

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Fresno, CA

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I am photographer based in California's Central Valley. Growing up in a family of photographers, I've been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I spend much of my time visiting family all over the country, taking photos along the way. I am a wife and mother of two and am an avid volunteer with the Boy Scouts Of America, which grants me the opportunity to spent a lot of time out in nature. I enjoy taking Landscape, Macro, Street and Candid photos the most. I am a firm believer of the "Leave No Trace" principles and leave every location better than I found it. If you follow my social media pages at www.facebook.com/IontasImages or Instagram.com/Iontas.images and see a picture there that is not yet available for purchase, please let me know and I can create a listing for you to purchase.

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