Ilia Aka Leigh-Ann Edrich

ILIA's Mediaworks
Clearwater, FL

Ilia’s artwork captures the imagination and takes viewers to places they’ve never been before. With a lyrical pulse, her Dreamscapes are art forms that are fused together to create a digital art piece that simulates the colors of nature and space. Through her art, she hopes to inspire others to create and reach for their goals and dreams.

Ilia has written a book, “The Art of Mentoring,” to share her successful actions for helping others. She also helps other artists to make a living through their art. Ilia believes that by inspiring others to create, it elevates everyone, including herself.

Ilia’s artwork is a unique experience that takes viewers to a new place and inspires them to dream. Enhance any home or office by displaying one of Ilia’s prints. Get inspired and purchase one today!

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