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Ilia Aka Leigh-Ann Edrich

ILIA's Mediaworks
Clearwater, FL

Ilia's creative visions are vast and her art is no exception. Through her Dreamscapes, she creates art that takes people to places they haven't been before. Her digital fine art pieces are full of fantasy forms and designs, fused together to simulate the colors of nature and space. It is Ilia's mission to inspire others to create, and to help other artists make a living with their art. To that end, she has written a book, "The Art of Mentoring" to share her successful actions for helping others.

Ilia's art is designed to reach a person with the message that purposes, dreams, and goals can become a reality. Her pieces evoke a spiritual feeling and can be the perfect addition to home and office decor. With Ilia's art, viewers can be taken to places they haven't been before and can be reminded of the beauty and potential in the world and in themselves.

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