Randall Jason Irvin

Randall Jason Irvin
Montgomery , AL

Jason, a musician, composer, chief, skilled craftsman, committed partner, and father, hails from Atlanta, Georgia. His journey in the art world began at Atlanta College of Art before taking him to the vibrant town of Athens, GA. Co-founding musical groups and participating in local art productions, Jason immersed himself in the creative scene. His time as a top chef at a popular vegetarian restaurant allowed him to develop original recipes and discover that art extends beyond canvas.

In 2006, Jason delved into painting with fervor, completing successful series like "1951 Office Wall Hangings" and "Deeper into Color." Upon returning to Atlanta in 2010, he established a studio in Castleberry Hill, where he crafted and sold his artwork. Jason's background as a licensed plumber lent a construction-like quality to his pieces, showcasing his attention to detail and endurance. His work reflects a unique blend of craftsmanship and artistic expression.

Now residing in Midcoast Maine with his partner Nell and son Hawthorne, Jason continues to be an active member of the local art community. Teaching art in Rockland and opening his studio for public viewing during the Belfast Art Walk, he remains dedicated to his craft. His latest creations include the "Abstracts in Maine" series, "Element" series, and "Constructions" series. For those seeking unique and captivating prints for home or office decor, Jason's artwork is a must-have addition.

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