Heather A Duris

Heather Duris Art
Lawrence, KS

Heather Duris is an artist whose creative roots stretch back to her childhood in Independence, MO. From 1996-1999, Heather served in the Army Reserves as a Multimedia Illustrator, then completed four years active duty as a Chemical Officer before moving to Lawrence, KS to attend the University of Kansas, where she graduated in 2007 with a BFA in Painting and a Minor in Art History. She now resides in Lawrence with her husband Zdenko and two daughters.

Heather works from a home studio, where she creates jewelry, paintings, and prints. She makes personalized jewelry in sterling silver, including rings, pendants, and hand-stamped charms. Her jewelry is available at the Phoenix Gallery in downtown Lawrence, at Cat and Nine Bells in Beloit, Wisconsin, and in her two Etsy shops, Hip Mom Jewelry and Sporty Girl Jewelry.

Heather's paintings are inspired by the abstract beauty of her Kansas home. The colors of the landscape often plant the seed of inspiration for a painting. Heather combines geometric lines of farmlands with the wandering lines of ancient creek beds to create a unique foundation for her work. The result is a painting that evokes the memories of an ancient prairie and connects the viewer to the land.

Heather's paintings provide a unique way to bring the beauty of the prairie into any home or office. Her work is available for purchase in her Etsy shops, at the Phoenix Gallery in Lawrence, and at Cat and Nine Bells in Beloit. Viewers can purchase prints to add a special touch of Kansas to their spaces.

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