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Geoffrey Gordon

To See the 'Color' in 'Black and White' conversations

I am a mixed media expressionist painter working in the styles of impressionism and abstraction. I paint in a variety of expressive styles and mediums, but heavy texture, vibrant colors, and movement are a common theme within my work.

During the painting process, I express support to differing sides of the often 'black and white' 'solutions' to modern conversations with line and color relationships. The Dichotomies I entertain are often philosophical as well as pragmatic.

For me, its important to acknowledge the seemingly binary 'solutions' largely offered in today's society. I investigate many topics such as Science and Belief, Politics, or the idea of gender fitting into the binary 'black and white' niches of culture. There are rebuttals and supports to both sdes during the painting of a picture.

My art offers a platform to see things differently, a behavior that isn't often mass marketed or welcomed, but important to enjoy. Seeing things from a different point of view not only encourages possibility, but enhances creativity, so I use heavy texture to loosen the painting and promote ambiguity.

As an Artist, I promote critical thinking, where there doesn't have to be agreement on a topic, but entertain different perspectives, and see the 'color' in what seems so 'black and white'!

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