Elizabeth Gable

Minnetonka, MN

In 2021, an artist found solace in art during the pandemic. A Nurse, this artist was blessed to work at home but struggled to find joy in the darkness. This was the start of a journey to create art and find beauty in an unexpected chaos.

The artist found watercolor to be the perfect medium for this journey. It allowed the artist to find beauty in unexpected places and trust in something that wasn't perfect. The artist's paintings are a reflection of this journey, with vibrant colors that contrast the soul of nature.

The artist's goal is to share the light that burns inside of them with others. Each painting is a part of that light and a reminder to the viewer that beauty can be found in any darkness. With an eclectic collection of unique paintings, the artist's goal is for viewers to find a painting that resonates with them.

Bring the beauty of nature and vibrant colors into your home and office. Purchase the artist's prints today and be inspired by the joy and light found in the darkness.

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