Kathy Burns

Kathy has been a professional photographer since 2006. She creates stock photos and commercial images for use in advertising, as well as photographs for online and offline magazines. Her photos showcase the beauty of the United States, as she enjoys taking road trips and capturing travel and scenic photography from her trips. Kathy rarely photographs people, as her children are grown and she is an introvert. She enjoys exploring, driving, hiking, and gardening, with her camera in hand. Her photography captures a variety of subjects, including architecture, events, and food.

Kathy’s photos are perfect for home and office decor. Her unique perspective captures the beauty of our country, making any of her prints a perfect addition to your home. With Kathy’s photos, you can bring a piece of our country into your home and enjoy the beauty of the United States from your own living room. Purchase one of Kathy’s prints today to add a touch of beauty to your home.

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