Traditional Artist

Elizabeth Gable

Minnetonka, MN

My art is my journey to learn to create joy in the darkness. My journey started with the global pandemic and I am not a frontline nurse but It hit me like a bag of bricks. I am blessed to be working at home and know that. However these circumstances dimmed the light inside me. I could not be near friends and go out and explore new memories. I was lost in fear and hopelessness. Oftentimes we buy things thinking they will bring joy and to my surprise my first watercolor kit did just that.

I love art. It ignites my soul on fire. I always thought I would be a photographer and have taken a lot of classes on photography. I need the perfection of a photo. I thought there is no way I could enjoy my art unless it was perfect. I knew watercolor would challenge the thoughts I need to eliminate the most. The lack of control and finding beauty in the world that was so dark. I was looking for the world to save me but I saved myself through art. When I paint I have complete trust in myself no matter where the water flows. I can make something beautiful even if it is not what I planned.

Everyone of my paintings is a part of the bright light that burns inside of me. This light I want to share with others. I paint primarily to depict the beauty of nature but contrast with industrial and moody backgrounds. This medium provides an unexpected chaos that allows me to create flowers from splashes of pigment into water. I seek the extraordinary in reimagining ordinary florals. My colors of choice are often from a vintage and eclectic palette. Please browse my paintings and I hope you find a painting that resonates with you.

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