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Eric Winkler Photography
The Woodlands, TX

Engineer-turned-photographer, John Doe, has a passion for capturing the world around him. From his travels, he is fascinated by the historical and cultural aspects of the places he visits. Whenever possible, John spends his free time outdoors, snapping photos of landscapes, architecture, nature and objects that please his eye.

John looks for interesting lighting and weather conditions to add to the drama of his photos. He also loves to explore the effect of man-made lighting in cityscapes, and of starlight when he is off the beaten track. He finds true joy in shooting landscapes and is inspired by masters of composition and lighting like Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Robert Muench and Philip Hyde. John prefers to use classic filters and techniques to balance the light and capture his view of the world “in camera”, using as little digital post-processing as possible.

John’s photos are more than just images – they are special memories that he hopes you will enjoy as much as he enjoyed creating them. He has pre-selected some popular print products, but is happy to offer other print dimensions, media choices or images to meet your specific interests or display objectives.

If you are looking to add a unique touch to your home or office, consider purchasing a print of John Doe’s photography. He looks forward to working with you!

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