Eric Winkler

John is an engineer with a passion for photography. He loves to travel and explore the historical and cultural aspects of the places he visits, often capturing the beauty of the landscapes, architecture, nature, and objects he finds. John is particularly drawn to interesting lighting and weather conditions, and enjoys the challenge of freezing action and slowing things down to create a sense of flow. He also enjoys exploring the effect of man-made lighting in cityscapes and starlight in remote locations.

John finds great joy in landscapes and is inspired by the works of masters like Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Robert Muench, and Philip Hyde. He strives to use classic filters and techniques to balance the light and create his view of the world around him “in camera” with as little digital post-processing as possible.

John’s photos are meaningful to him, and they can be meaningful to you too. He offers a variety of print products to choose from and is happy to explore other print dimensions, media choices, or images to meet your specific interests and display objectives.

If you’re interested in purchasing prints for home or office decor, contact John to discuss what’s available and to explore other printing options. His photos can bring a special memory to your space.

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