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Eric Winkler

Eric Winkler Photography
The Woodlands, TX

John Doe is an engineer-turned-photographer who loves to travel. He is inspired by the historical and cultural aspects of the places he experiences and captures them in beautiful photos. Much of his free time is spent outdoors, exploring the vast landscapes, architecture, nature, and objects that surround him. Doe is particularly fascinated by the effects of light, weather, and motion on his subjects. He strives to capture his view of the world around him with minimal digital post-processing, and is inspired by the greats like Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Robert Muench, and Philip Hyde.

Doe’s photos bring back special memories from his travels, and he hopes you enjoy them as much as he enjoyed creating them. He’s pre-selected some popular print products for his work, but is happy to offer other print dimensions, media choices, and images to meet your specific interests or display objectives.

Turn your home or office into a gallery of Doe’s breathtaking photography. Choose from his selection of prints and decorate your space with a stunning reminder of his travels.

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