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Wellesley Hills, MA

Having grown up in Westchester, NY, going to Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY was a natural fit for me.

Traveling the world with my husband Steve and his work has given me a unique perspective on life and art.

Our life path started in NY, and moved on to NJ, Virginia, Texas, Saudi Arabia, London, back to Texas and on to the Outer Banks of NC. Steve has passed on and I now live in Boston with my toy poodle Zuzu. My daughter, her husband Steve and my two grandchildren live nearby.

I have been documenting the extraordinary wild Mustangs of the Currituck Outer Banks 4x4 since 1989 when we bought our first cottage in the Off-road part of the beach in Corolla, NC. The Corolla Wild Horses roam freely on land owned primarily by private property owners like ourselves. I hope to spread awareness of the purebreed Colonial Spanish Mustangs through my online presence:

My Website


SWANDPITY: a name that I coined in 2005 meaning: a state of being with apparent aptitude for making fortunate discoveries happen accidentally.

If you have a quality photo of your pet/horse... send it to me to paint. 50% up front and the rest when you order a print. Priced according to size...see my other prints

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