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Detlef Gotzens, known as "Dego," has established himself as a renowned artist with a career spanning various mediums. His journey in the arts began in his adolescence, excelling in stained glass design at the Jacob Melchior studio in Cologne, Germany. After completing his apprenticeship and studying glass technology and design at Rheinbach’s Glass College, he graduated in 1977 with a master’s degree. Following his success in Germany, he immigrated to Canada in 1985, where he opened his own atelier and worked on restoration projects for iconic churches and landmarks in eastern Canada.

Throughout his years as a stained-glass artist, Gotzens gradually transitioned to creating original paintings and sculptures under the name “Dego,” while still focusing on high-profile commissions. In 2009, he dedicated himself full-time to his original artwork, which has been recognized and displayed in prestigious galleries like the Saatchi Gallery in London, England. His art is visually striking and often compared to the works of iconic artists like Picasso, Dali, and Kandinsky, with a unique abstract touch. His sculptures may incorporate glass, metal, or wood, showcasing his diverse training and artistic vision.

"Dego's" finished works reflect his artistic impulse and a symbiotic relationship with his art. Depending on the medium he works with, different aspects of his self are revealed, from the technical precision of glasswork to the emotional liberation of painting and sculpture. His ongoing series titled “Excavations” encapsulates his artistic journey and offers a wide range of interpretations in his new paintings and sculptures. For those seeking unique and visually captivating pieces for home or office decor, consider purchasing prints of "Dego's" exceptional artworks.

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