Dawn Hooks

Captivated by the beauty of water in nature, Dawn Hooks channels her inspiration into vibrant paintings that capture the flow and movement of this essential element. Memories of childhood adventures by the ocean, lake, and rivers fuel her creativity, leading to pieces that radiate energy and color. From splashing in the waves to hiking along majestic waterfalls, these experiences come alive on canvas through layers of paint and bold hues.

From a young age, Dawn's passion for art was evident, leading her to pursue as many art classes as possible. She continued to hone her skills through college, minoring in art and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. Complementing her artistic talent, Dawn also holds a Master of Science in Education, further expanding her knowledge and expertise. Dedicated to her craft, she consistently seeks opportunities to grow and evolve as an artist.

For over a decade, Dawn has been sharing her creations with the world, turning her lifelong passion into a successful business. Specializing in commissioned watercolor and acrylic paintings, she also lends her talents to children's book illustrations. Notably, her artwork adorns custom wakesurf boards through the Dawn Hooks' Artist Series with Soulcraft Boardings. Additionally, she is excited to offer Giclee fine art prints of her captivating pieces to art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

For those looking to bring a touch of nature's beauty and the movement of water into their homes or offices, Dawn Hooks' Giclee fine art prints are the perfect choice. With each piece, you can infuse your space with the energy and vibrancy of her unique creations, adding a touch of artistry and nature to your decor. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of Dawn's inspiring work and enhance your surroundings with her captivating art.

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