Daniele Crevatin

The artist, originally from Italy, has a deep connection to the places, colors, and sensations that inspire their work. Through their art, they aim to transmit emotions and feelings that resonate with the observer, hoping to evoke joy and love. Each piece is infused with the artist's passion and creativity, inviting viewers to connect with the emotions behind the work.

Having spent 20 years in various parts of Europe, the artist decided to make a new home in South America with their family. Here, they find inspiration and the time to express their creativity in different ways, while also homeschooling their two daughters. This change in scenery has brought a fresh perspective to their work, allowing them to explore new themes and techniques.

The artist's background in art schools in Italy has shaped their artistic vision and style, which is evident in their expressive and emotive pieces. By sharing their work, they hope to spread joy and love to others, encouraging viewers to find a connection with the emotions portrayed. Each creation is a reflection of the artist's dedication and love for their craft, inviting others to experience the same emotions.

For those looking to bring a touch of emotion and creativity into their homes or offices, the artist's prints are the perfect choice. Whether seeking a vibrant burst of color or a serene moment of reflection, their work offers something for every taste. By purchasing a print, viewers can bring a piece of the artist's vision and emotion into their daily lives, creating a space that resonates with joy and love.

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