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Trabuco Canyon, CA

David S. Libbey, a native of South Portland, Maine, found himself drawn to the world of art from a young age. Despite leaving Maine in 1968 to serve in the US Army and later in the Marine Corps, his passion for art never wavered. After retiring from the Marine Corps, David finally had the time to pursue his artistic interests. He began painting with watercolor and discovered a special affinity for creating portraits in this medium.

Throughout his life, David has continuously honed his artistic skills, attending art school workshops as a teenager and taking art classes at various universities. His dedication to his craft is evident in the stunning watercolor portraits he produces. Currently residing in Trabuco Canyon, California, David continues to create beautiful works of art that capture the essence of his subjects with a unique and personal touch.

If you're looking for stunning watercolor portraits to adorn your home or office, look no further than David S. Libbey's collection. His attention to detail and ability to capture the true essence of his subjects make his work a must-have for any art enthusiast. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a piece of David's art to your collection today.

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