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Trabuco Canyon, CA

David S. Libbey is a native of South Portland, Maine, who left the state in 1968 to serve in the US Army for two years. He then attended college at Memphis State University, where he took art classes. After graduating, David was commissioned in the Marine Corps and rose to the position of Presidential Aircraft Commander for President Ronald Reagan from 1984 – 1987, before retiring from the Marine Corps and commanding a Marine helicopter training squadron at Marine Corps Air Station, Tustin, California.

David has been passionate about art since his teenage years, when he attended art school workshops in Portland, Maine. He developed a particular interest in watercolor portraits after retirement, often painting in his spare time. He currently resides in Trabuco Canyon, California.

David S. Libbey's artwork is an excellent way to liven up any home or office. His photos and watercolor portraits are sure to make a statement and offer a unique addition to any wall or space. Support an artist today and purchase a print of David S. Libbey's work for your home or office decor.

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