Diane K. Hewitt

One can simply view Diane’s collection of art for a glimpse into her life's colourful journey. Her paintings weave a tale of overcoming challenges,, a passion for art, a deep connection with the world around her, and an undeniable sense of humor.

Diane’s expressive oil paintings are inspired by the wonders of nature and travel, limited only by the depths of her imagination.

She has lately delved into the realm of contemporary abstract design in oil and mixed media. Each stroke of her brush is laden with emotion, introspection, and a child-like curiosity. Diane seeks to take you on a journey with her expressionism abstracts, non-subjective abstracts and abstracted portraits that leaves you to interpret the bodies of color, elements and forms with fresh eyes and hopefully a renewed spirit.

Beyond the visual spectacle lies a deeper purpose - Diane’s desire to share her intense feelings about life, and to touch your mind and heart through the power of art. She invites you to view her works through your own unique perspective. As you explore her latest intuitive work, you will find yourself immersed in a world where emotions intertwine with design, where symbolism reveals hidden messages, where fantasy and expressionistic versions of life’s ups and downs blend seamlessly, and where each piece reveals bits of her personal story, along with a glimpse of her emotions during the creative process of every piece.

Diane's captivating art is a symphony of colors, an expression of life, and a story of healing emotions. Engage with her creations, and perhaps you'll find the piece that resonates deeply with your own story, making it a timeless addition to your world. Embrace the spirit of Diane's art, for it is a reflection of life itself, waiting to fascinate you and touch your heart.

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