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Detlef Gotzens, also known as "Dego", is an artist whose multi-medium artwork is striking and unparalleled, a testament to his extensive and diverse career in the arts. Born in Cologne, Germany in 1952, he discovered his talent for stained glass design during his adolescence. After completing an apprenticeship at the Jacob Melchior studio and earning his journeyman certificate, he furthered his education at Rheinbach’s Glass College, obtaining a master’s degree in glass technology and design in 1977.

Upon immigrating to Canada in 1985, Gotzens established his own atelier and worked on restoration projects for prominent Churches and Landmarks in eastern Canada. While primarily known for his stained glass work, he began creating original paintings and sculptures under the name “Dego”, gradually transitioning to focus solely on his personal artwork in 2009. His pieces have gained recognition, with some being displayed at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London, England.

"Dego's" art is visceral and visually captivating, drawing comparisons to the early Dadaist work of Pablo Picasso and the surrealist dreamscapes of Salvador Dali. His sculptures often incorporate glass, metal, and occasionally wood, showcasing his diverse artistic background. His paintings feature familiar elements like Tulips or human figures, but are presented in a unique, abstract context that reflects his artistic vision.

Embodying a symbiotic relationship with his art, Gotzens creates pieces that are driven by impulse and reflect different aspects of his self depending on the medium he is working with. His ongoing series of works titled “Excavations” encapsulates his artistic journey thus far, inviting viewers to interpret and explore his new paintings and sculptures. For those interested in adding a touch of creativity to their home or office decor, prints of "Dego's" artwork are available for purchase.

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