Dawn Hooks

Dawn Hooks is captivated by the beauty of water in nature. She uses layers of paint and bright colors to express the flow and movement of water in her paintings. Memories of splashing in the ocean, playing at the lake, and hiking along rivers and waterfalls inspire her vibrant paintings.

Since childhood when her parents enrolled her in after-school art lessons, Dawn loved art. She continued taking as many art classes as possible. She minored in art during college, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. After also earning her Master of Science in Education, she continued taking graduate courses to further develop her skills.

Dawn is thrilled that her passion for art has become her business. She has been creating and selling art for over ten years. Dawn creates commissioned watercolor and acrylic paintings for clients. Dawn is also a children's book illustrator. Soulcraft Boardings has twelve of her paintings, the Dawn Hooks' Artist Series, available on their custom wakesurf boards. Dawn is excited to offer Giclee fine art prints of her artwork!

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