Traditional Artist

Annie Sylling

Kings Mountain, NC

Annie Sylling is a multi-media artist, creating with collage, acrylic, pastels, India inks, and watercolor. Though she spends most of her time creating portraits of people or wildlife, she has also created works of nature and fantasy. She is always looking for her next subject matter.

She began her artistic journey capturing images of wildlife, soon moving on to portray people whose inner being demanded her attention. She started with pencil and charcoal, graduating to pastel works. Over the years, she has incorporated several other mediums into her work, appreciating the diversity they offer. Her newer pieces are usually of the colorful sort as she has fallen in love with colors and their ability to influence feelings.

It is Annie's desire to reflect life in her paintings, capturing the mood and personality of her subjects. Her ambition is to create beautiful works of art that speak to the soul. She creates bold and expressive art pieces that demand a viewer’s attention. Art has made a difference in her own healing journey and she has a great passion for creating artworks that facilitate the healing that others may need.

Annie has exhibited work in Portland Oregon, Kings Mountain North Carolina, and Agora Gallery Chelsea Art District NYC. Her work has also been published in ArtisSpectrum Magazine.


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