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James Corcoran

Toledo, OH

Retired City Dispatcher Supervisor, John Doe, has always had a passion for art. His self-taught skills began to take shape during his time in Vietnam, where he created drawings for his Army buddies to send to their families and loved ones. His love for art has only grown since then, with his retirement providing the opportunity to explore watercolors.

John Doe is now a proud member of an artist club, and his work has been displayed in numerous shows and exhibitions. He has won many awards for his pieces, which range from landscapes to cartoons and pen and ink washes.

John Doe continues to learn and share his creativity, and now his pieces can be found in galleries and homes across the country. From landscapes to cartoons, his work is sure to bring a unique and creative touch to any living space. Invest in John Doe's prints today to add a personal touch of art to your home or office.

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