James Corcoran

Toledo, OH

Retired City Dispatcher Supervisor, and self-taught artist, John Doe has a passion for art that was first kindled in his vocational high school days when studying Commercial Art. Though life took him in a different direction, John never lost his love for art and kept it as a hobby. During his time in service in Vietnam, he used his art to create cards for his army buddies to send to their families and sweethearts.

John has an affinity for landscapes, places, interesting people, and cartooning, particularly pen and ink washes. After retiring, he began experimenting with watercolors, which he found to be rewarding and fun. This prompted him to join an artist club, allowing him to gain recognition for his work and to display it in shows and exhibits. His talent has been rewarded with many awards.

John’s photos and photography art capture the beauty of the world around us. It is a wonderful addition to any home or office décor. Visit John Doe’s website today to view his artwork and purchase prints for your own home or office.

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