Jim Blair Art Works
Traditional Artist

Jim A. Blair

Fort Worth, TX

These acrylic paintings exemplify my style; vibrant colors, sometimes whimsical, inviting the viewer to find meaning. My interest in graphic arts goes back over half a century working with oils on cardboard and finally moving to canvas board and then as a student with Steve Lotz at the University of Florida drawing and using negative space. During this time I produced paintings and ink and pencil drawings as gifts for friends and sold a few at community art shows. More recently I have been interested in acrylic and have sold both originals and prints of these without having gallery exposure. With the advent of the Internet I have found some interest in prints of my work which are professionally rendered from high resolution digital images and are excellent representations of the originals. I enjoy painting subjects that leave it to viewers to interpret. These may be abstract or impressionistic but may also be character studies and other subjects that are metaphorical.


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