Brittany Arrowood

Brittany Arrowood Art
Algona, IA

Born in 1992 in South Dakota, Brittany Arrowood is a talented and imaginative illustrator and painter with a passion for capturing the intricate details of the world around her. While studying Mathematics and Statistics at South Dakota State University, Brittany honed her skills and later moved to Algona, Iowa in 2018 to further develop her craft as a professional painter. Her artwork is a reflection of the beauty she sees in the fragments of detail that make up our planet, using vibrant pigments to evoke life and positive emotions in viewers.

Spending countless hours of her youth sketching and analyzing photographs, Brittany's dedication to her artistry shines through in her work. Her talent has caught the attention of global companies such as Corteva Agriscience and Snap-on Tools, who have commissioned her to create stunning murals that still adorn their spaces. Additionally, Brittany's artwork has graced the cover of the published book "Panzy No Shoes", showcasing her ability to captivate audiences with her unique style and technical skill.

As a self-taught artist at the beginning of her career, Brittany Arrowood is constantly exploring new styles and forms of self-expression through her art. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to create captivating pieces make her prints a perfect addition to any home or office decor. Embrace the beauty and emotion captured in Brittany's work by purchasing her prints today.

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