Sheri Gordon

A Canadian prairie girl at heart, she grew up surrounded by a passion for horses in a family that cherished all things horsepower. Despite not having a horse of her own, she turned to drawing these majestic creatures as a form of self-expression. Reflecting on her past, she realizes that not having her own horse allowed her to maintain her fascination with the fantasy and surrealism that horses embody.

Now in her 50s, she finally has her dream horse - a stunning black Morgan gelding named Blue. Along with Blue, she shares her farm with Frost, a wolf-like husky mix, and an abundance of chickens and geese that seem to multiply endlessly. Of course, no home is complete without feline companions, and her two Maine Coon cats, Max and Mike, provide endless entertainment and affection.

Early on in her career, she discovered the beauty of pastels, which continue to hold a special place in her studio. She even enjoys creating her own pastels from scratch. Despite her love for horses, she has also maintained a passion for horsepower, regularly participating in races at the local dragstrip and showing the boys a thing or two.

In her gallery, you will find a diverse array of items created from her original paintings and photography. These prints are perfect for decorating both home and office spaces, adding a touch of beauty and whimsy to any room. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring a piece of her unique vision into your own space.

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